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Record-breaking Nordic blockchain event in Copenhagen

Jakob Mikkel Hansen (right), CEO of Nordic Blockchain Association, had a talk with Morten Myrstad from kaupr.io in relation to the large Blockchain Conference in Copenhagen.

Jakob Mikkel Hansen (right), CEO of Nordic Blockchain Association, had a talk with Morten Myrstad from kaupr.io in relation to the large Blockchain Conference in Copenhagen.

This week, Copenhagen is hosting the Nordic Blockchain Conference, with a remarkable turnout of over 500 attendees and speakers, marking a record attendance. We had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Jakob Mikkel Hansen, the CEO of the Nordic Blockchain Association, which is the driving force behind this event. Our discussion covered various aspects, including the conference itself, insights into the association, and an exploration of the current status of blockchain technology in the Nordic region.

State of Blockchain in the Nordics

A central point in our conversation with Jakob Mikkel Hansen, was the state of Blockchain in the Nordics. - What puzzled us was the realization that we are actually quite advanced in various aspects, said Hansen, and continued: - We have some highly accomplished individuals and organizations making significant strides. For instance, MakerDAO is setting a remarkable example, and numerous people are actively contributing. Universities are conducting extensive research and offering courses, and many individuals are making remarkable contributions. However, what we observe is a lack of a cohesive ecosystem. This is precisely what we are striving to address. Additionally, as Hansen points out, having a robust legal framework is essential.

The CEO also emphasized the importance of the Nordic blockchain ecosystem placing greater emphasis on valuable use cases, increased funding, enhanced research efforts, and the development of additional platforms, accelerators, and startup incubators. He also stressed the need for greater public funding to showcase and attract willing investors beyond just venture capital. - We believe we're in a promising position, although there's much more to achieve, we're confident in our ability to accelerate our progress," the CEO concluded.

Below, you'll find the portion of our conversation with Hansen, delving into the current status of the Nordic blockchain industry. We explore topics such as the MiCA legal framework, user adoption by institutions, brands, consumers, and creators, as well as the interconnectedness of technologies like blockchain, web3, artificial intelligence, and immersive technologies.


Nordic Blockchain Conference with record-numbers

The Nordic Blockchain Conference is scheduled for September 5th and 6th in Copenhagen, boasting an impressive 500 attendees. - Our event features a two-day format packed with substantial content, featuring a remarkable lineup of 125 speakers, tells Hansen. - This equates to 20% to 25% of our participants being speakers, promoting substantial interaction and value generation. We're thrilled to share that this is likely the largest two-day conference ever held in the Nordic region, and we couldn't be happier about it.

Below, you can find the segment of our conversation with Hansen that centers around the Conference.


Nordic Blockchain Association with Nordic ambitions

The Nordic Blockchain Association, the organizer of the conference, was founded in 2017 by individuals who have a genuine passion for blockchain technology. We operate as a volunteer-based, nonprofit organization. - Our journey began in 2017 when like-minded individuals came together with a shared desire to convene and engage in discussions about blockchain, says Hansen in the interview.

It all began as an underground movement where individuals gathered in bars, using cryptocurrency for transactions, and engaging in discussions around this topic. Over the course of its seven-year existence, hundreds of volunteers have participated in this movement, with some remaining active, while others took brief hiatuses and then returned. In essence, our overarching goal is to establish a platform where people can openly discuss technology and its associated opportunities.

In this segment of our video discussion, Jakob discusses the Nordic values that NBA is prioritizing, as well as the industry's lingering reputation issues related to fraud and speculation.

Hansen emphasizes NBA's commitment to establishing an authentic Nordic network and mentions that this year, NBA has independently hosted or collaborated on events in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. According to Hansen, there will be more events to come in the different Nordic countries.

Here you can find more information about the Nordic Blockchain Association and the 2023 Nordic Blockchain Conference.