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Oslo Innovation Week

Organizer: Oslo Business Region

When: 25.-29. september 2023

Where: See Program at OIW

About the event

Oslo Innovation Week is an umbrella event including over 60+ events hosted by both Norwegian and international incubators, investors, and startup ecosystem builders in Oslo, Norway.

95% of events during Oslo Innovation Week have free entry, and to attend, you need to fill out the registration forms found on the individual event pages.

For the few events that require you to buy a ticket, information will be provided on their specific event's page.


Oslo Innovation Week brings forward new voices and innovation into action. We highlight bold solutions that solve real global challenges through entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. We believe in creating sustainable solutions by bridging differences and forming new power couples, pushing the world forward through collaboration.

What we want to achieve:

- Support and build Norwegian growth companies

- Profile Oslo and Norway as destinations to do business

- Attract and retain more tech talent to the Oslo startup ecosystem

- Attract more investment and business to Norwegian companies

- Oslo Innovation Week is the entry point for Nordic companies focused on sustainable, impact and climate entrepreneurship

More information

Here you can find the event page

Here you can find an overview of all the events