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Utstilling: “Left Behind” by Engwind

Organizer: Blank Galleri & Engwind

When: 7.-24. september

Where: Blank Galleri, Oslo

About the exhibition

It is a pleasure to introduce you to «LEFT BEHIND» by ENGWIND. As humans and the world have become incredibly reliant on technology, in the current state of the world, it would be nearly impossible to live without it.

«LEFT BEHIND» is an exhibition rooted in the worst imaginable scenario. Mars extends a helping hand to Earth, and nature must be transferred to Mars due to our insufficient care for our planet, leading to a scarcity of trees to produce an adequate amount of oxygen. With the aid of futuristic technology, trees and nature manage to survive while a new ecosystem is established on Mars.

Mars serves as an example in the «LEFT BEHIND» series, where technology plays an immensely significant role in sustaining trees and nature through large generators that provide the correct amount of light, water, and oxygen for the vegetation.


During the exhibition at BL_NK Engwind will present his futuristic 3D art on physical products for the first time.

ENGWIND, the artistic identity of Øyvind Engevik, is a 26-year-old 3D artist from Solund, near Bergen. Notably, ENGWIND has spearheaded the NFT collection 'CyberCrew,' a collaborative effort with 43 global 3D artists, valued at 7000 ETH (around 150 million NOK) as of July 2023.

Øyvind's creative journey commenced with Lego and evolved into mastering 3D software at a young age. After pursuing education in 3D design and animation, he entered the digital art scene in 2017. His work gained attention, leading to collaborations with major companies and recognition from Adobe Photoshop.

ENGWIND's artistic reach extends to high-profile projects including partnerships with MSI, GameStop, Rolling Stone, Demi Lovato and Magnus Carlsen to name a few.

More information

Here you can find the Facebook event page.